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Summer is NOT cancelled, introducing E-Camp! An exciting summer camp experience at home. No, we are not trying to give parents more to do, we have created an easy to access programs for kids to enjoy! We will mail materials to your home for our campers to use alongside our uploaded videos. There are crafts, goodies and activities that will help bring the feel of camp into your homes.

Join us for this new experience, with familiar faces, and the classic Camp Ladore spirit. If your campers have already applied to camp we will email you instructions on how to begin. If you would like to join in on the fun, apply today!

We can’t wait to see you and your families again.

God Bless You!

Your Camp Ladore Service Team


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A Summer to Remember

Camp Ladore

is owned and operated by The Salvation Army. Situated among picturesque mountain ranges it consists of approximately 1,200 acres of land surrounding a 365 acre lake. Our programs take full advantage of these natural resources for contributing to the spiritual, educational, social, and recreational needs of every camper. Camp Ladore is ready to provide the ultimate camping experience with a mature well-trained staff and accreditation through the American Camp Association.

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Boys & Girls
Ages 7-16
Age Appropriate Activities
Christian Education
Pool and Waterfront
Variety of Program Areas
professional staff
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The Camp facilities include a swimming pool, lakeside waterfronts for boating, pioneer living area, hiking trails, animal farm, a high ropes challenge course, arts & crafts and nature lodges, 4 athletic fields and basketball courts. Outdoor amphitheaters with campfire circles are used during evening programs and devotional times. Each village also has its own activity building for rainy days.
- camp changes lives -

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